Reviews for Flawless

"[A] caper movie in print… offers exactly the right blend of diversion and pith." — | Read the whole review ›

"Like a diamond, this true-life caper is clear, colorful, and brilliant." —Publishers Weekly (starred review) | Read the whole review ›

"[A] riveting narrative." —Boston Globe | Read the whole review ›

"[T]ells the story with the gripping pace of a true-crime 'Ocean’s Eleven.'" —New York Post | Read the whole review ›

"[A]s compelling as any work of fiction." —The Onion’s A.V. Club | Read the whole review ›

"Flawless is a page-turner... [T]he sheer massed detail gathered from multiple sources is impressive." —Globe & Mail  | Read the whole review ›

"The whole fascinating story is outlined in a new book called Flawless" —BBC 4 Radio

"Flawless is a true crime tale as entertaining as Hollywood's 'Ocean's Eleven.'" —Star Tribune | Read the whole review ›

"A breathless 'inside,' blow-by-blow, if not actually how-to, account of 'the largest diamond heist in history'" —Harvard Magazine | Read the whole review ›

"Fans of caper books and movies will be in seventh heaven here. ...A must-read for true-crime fans." —Booklist (starred review)

"Fans of true crime...and of crime caper movies will especially enjoy this fun romp." —Library Journal

"Meticulously reported and expertly assembled, Flawless is just the thing to get the blood of winter-weary readers moving." —The Week

"[A]n engrossing nonfiction thriller." —Kirkus Reviews

"Flawless is true, but it reads like crime fiction. It’s wonderfully researched, filled with details and contains a 60-page appendix. It could be an exciting caper movie." —The Oklahoman | Read the whole review ›

"[T]he literary equivalent of a summer blockbuster." —

"For those with a fascination for the anatomy of a perfect crime, Flawless is for you." —True Crime Report | Read the whole review ›

Read the Sunday Times (London) review ›